Selling Shared House quickly

Until recently, the sale of property owned in undivided required a unanimous agreement of joint holders (Article 815-3 of the Civil Code) to allow house owners to sell house quickly here . Article 6 of Law No. 2009-526 of 12 May 2009 called for simplification and clarification of the law and streamline procedures has added a new Article 815-5-1 of the Code Civil and tempers the binding of this rule. 

This new system allows you to request legal disposition of undivided property investment here provided that the undivided interest holders or applicants have at least two-thirds undivided interests (art. 815-5-1, para. 1, Code Civil).

The undivided concerned must then express their notarized intent to sell a house fast using this service , without having to prove grounds (815-5-1, para. 2, Civil Code). 

The notary must serve the other joint within one month following the collection of the intention of selling (art. 815-5-1, para. 3 of the Civil Code). Interest holders are properly informed three months to decide on the proposed disposal (art. 815-5-1, para. 4, Civil Code). 

In case of opposition from some owners who say buy my house here fast or failure to reply within three months of notification of intent to sell, the notary draws up minutes of difficulties. 

The High Court in this case judicially authorized disposition of the property provided it does not infringe unduly on the rights of other co-owners (art. 815-5-1, para. 4 and 5 of the Civil Code ). The sale is in the form of biddings by jury before the court. 

The creation of Article 815-5-1 of the Civil Code has thus greatly facilitating the sale of undivided property within the operations division and fully blossomed in succession . The amounts will be withdrawn, will integrate to undivided and may not be a re-employment, except to discharge the liabilities. 
This solution allows to get out more easily some blocking situations or abuse of some undivided opponents, and not worth sharing the weight