Advantages of getting a fast house sale

If you are not having much luck with the sale of your house using the traditional methods, then selling to us will mean that you are pretty much guaranteed s a fast sale. Unlike the estate agents, selling directly through us means that you can enjoy many benefits over a conventional sale. These benefits include:

A commission free sale – Unlike agents, we are not middle men and hence do not charge any commission to home sellers. This alone can amount to a typical saving of thousands of pounds when it comes to completing the sale of your house.

We pay your legal fees – That’s right, to make the process as easy as possible, we offer a contribution to cover your legal fees (up to £500) to get your house sold.

No chain break worries – So many sales fail to complete due to house chain break. When you sell directly to us, it means that you will not need to have any concerns of any third parties in a chain dropping out of a sale to collapse the whole sale.

Simple process – The property sale process is relatively simple, when compared to the conventional methods. Because you are selling directly, it means that there is minimal involvement of the third parties this making the whole process smoother and easier to follow and execute.

Mortgage payments stopped – When you sell your house quickly, it means that you will benefit from your mortgage payments coming to an end. If you looking to consolidate your finances then this is a great benefit in helping you to get your finances organised.

Enjoy the benefits of a quick sale and call us on 0161 8774142 to get an offer on your house.